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Polycythemia: Diagnostic evaluation

Figure 9–21.

Figure 9–21.

POLYCYTHEMIA: Diagnostic evaluation. CBC = complete blood cell count; EPO = erythropoietin; Hb = hemoglobin; JAK2 = Janus kinase 2 gene.

1Clinical and laboratory clues for polycythemia vera include splenomegaly, platelet count >400,000/mcL, WBC >12,000/mcL, increased serum vitamin B12 or vitamin B12 binding capacity, and no history of familial erythrocytosis.2 JAK2V617F mutation has been found to be present in >95% of patients with polycythemia vera; mutation in exon 12 of JAK2 has also been reported. Bone marrow biopsy shows panmyelosis with prominent erythroid and megakaryocytic proliferation.

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