Henoch–schönlein Purpura

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  • Increased serum IgA:
    • Circulating IgA complexes
    • Glomerular mesangial deposition of IgA
  • Although cause is undefined, there are many associated conditions:
    • Infections
    • Group A streptococcus
    • Mycoplasma
    • Viral: Varicella, Epstein–Barr (EB)
    • Drugs: Penicillin, tetracycline, aspirin, sulfonamides, erythromycin
    • Allergens: Insect bites, chocolate, milk, wheat
  • Peak incidence: School-aged children and young adults
  • More common in whites
  • Males > females
  • Occurs more often in winter/spring
  • Multisystem involvement can lead to life-threatening or long-term complications:
    • Intussusception
    • Proliferative glomerulonephritis
    • Chronic renal failure:
    • More common in older children and adults (13–14%)
    • Intracranial hemorrhage

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