Ultraviolet Keratitis



  • Corneal epithelial damage caused by direct exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light
  • Also known as photokeratitis, UV conjunctivitis, snow blindness, and welder's flash


  • Work-related exposure seen in welders, electricians, and mechanics
  • Recreational exposure, including water sports, snow sports, and tanning booths
  • Occurs with corneal absorption at 290 nm, the cutoff between UV-B and UV-C light
  • UV light penetrates to epithelial nociceptor axons, destroying them and triggering pain from subendothelial nerve stimulation
  • Related to intensity and duration of exposure
  • Long-term UV damage to eye may result in pterygium and some forms of corneal degeneration, though association with UV keratitis episodes has not been demonstrated

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